Fill button doesn't work

I got a simbans tablet, I push the solid fill Icon, and nothing works, can you help me?? How should use the Krita on my tablet??

You might want to start a new topic with your question. This thread is about a new website for python scripting. I don’t know the answer to your question.

You know the paint Bucket Icon on the Krita app, I tried to push it, nothing works. How can I do it??

I moved it to a new thread. @Honbuza_sivells , please don’t respond to unrelated threads with your questions about Krita. Questions needs to be asked in new threads (new posts). And @scottyp told you that and you still pushed to get the answer, that’s considered very rude.

You need to check out Tool Options docker for the Fill Tool. If I’m not mistaken, there might be an issue that there is “Color Labeled Layers” option selected while it should be either “All Layers” or “Current Layer” (depending on your situation; but probably “All layers”).

How I do it? And where should I go?

And how should I fix it?

The Tool Options docker is usually on a tab next to the Advanced Colour Selector docker, above the Layers docker.
This may vary depending on which workspace you’ve chosen.
The screenshot below shows the Tool Options docker location for the Default workspace:

I don’t want to make assumptions here but…
I have noticed a bug in the fill tool as well .

When your last brush you have active is an eraser brush the fill tool does not work. If that is the case for you change your brush to one that paints and the fill tool will work.

What’s happening is that the brush blending mode and the overiding eraser mode are both shared between the Fill tool and the other painting tools.
It’s been like that since version 4.2.0 and still is in the latest 5.0.0 prealpha.
This suggests it’s intentional (?) though it can be confusing.

Thanks @AhabGreybeard. It’s really not that bad so long as you know this. The problem is when it happens and you’re uninformed you might think the fill tool is not working so I just put it out there…

How, when I went to tool options, it just shows brush smoothing basic and snap to assistants, I push the box and nothing work neither.

The Tool Options docker shows the options for the tool you are using at the moment.
If it shows ‘brush smoothing’ and ‘snap to assistants’ then you must have the Freehand Brush Tool selected.
If you click on the Fill Tool (paint bucket) icon on the Toolbox, then the Tool Options docker will show the options for the Fill Tool and your on-canvas icon will change to the bucket picture.
Then you can do Fill actions on the canvas image.