Filter Layer - Merge Keeping Layers Separated / request implement

Hi Guys,
“Filter Layer - Merge Keeping Layers Separated”

For example: I have 4 layers (no matter how many).
On top of the layers I add the sharpen filter layer.
So I want to merge this same filter on all layers keeping them separate.
To do this I need to duplicate the filter 4 times (one for each layer). After that I merge one by one. So after that I can delete the filter layers on top.

I know that the example of the sharpen filter is not good, as I just apply it in one layer and then repeat with ‘ctrl+f’. But actually I use other filters like ‘curves’, ‘levels’, ‘saturation’ etc.
I often use them to adjust colors and everything else in an illustration. Once I’ve made this adjustment I need each layer to be adjusted the same way. So I can go back to painting without the filter layer being turned on and working on top of the layers.

I hope I was clear, if anyone is interested and has any questions I can try to create this example with an image.


Not a bad idea, although I think it would be better called “Apply to multiple layers” or similar. This is because the results may not be the same as if the filter were applied after merging the layers in question. For example, layer blending modes could have a significant effect on the result.

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There is no way to make it the way you want except in a very specific situation when all of the visible pixels are 100% opaque. Otherwise the math blending the semi-transparent pixels will change and the result will be different. Compare it with converting a merged image or a not merged image to some other (preferably very different, linear vs non-linear or maybe RGB to CMYK) color space.

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Exactly. I ignored the endless blending combinations, opacities, stacked layer filters etc.

So it would only work for 100% opaque layers and in normal blending mode.