"Fire Ax"

Hi everyone!
I’m a Brazilian artist using free software professionally for years. I love Krita. Hope you like this work that I produced past few time.


Wow! :+1:

Looking this made me want to listen Amon Amarth Twilight Of The Thunder God album :hugs:


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Hi welcome to the forum @mcouto19 :slight_smile:

Channelling Boris Vallejo with this amazing painting. Well done !

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It’s one of those images that keep revealing things as you look at it.

Love it!

Grande Mozart, satisfação encontrá-lo aqui! Trabalho maravilhoso como sempre! GRande abraço!!

Hi, guys.
Thanks for the comments.

Olá, Elias! Obrigado pelas palavras.
Mozart Couto.

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Welcome here @mcouto19 , impressive piece. Good to see you around :wink:

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how do you do that?! you are so good!

Oh my God, I have so many words-

You have that frazetta vibe !

Very nice !!

Amazing atwork!!