Fire demon- Awakening

Commission artwork for a D&D RPG. DM screen 11"x34".

A lot of fun with this one. A fire demon awakening by dark dwarfs.


Wow, this is really awesome!

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Thank you!

Holy damn, that’s incredible! Was this done fully in Krita? I’m doing a piece currently with a wide FOV, and the fish eye effect is really hard to get down so I went to Blender :smiley:

What was your approach on tackling this complex perspective?

Just incredible. Can’t get enough of looking at it x_x

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Really good shape design!


Thank you. Yes it’s all done in Krita.

I haven’t thought too much about it. I already had an idea how it should look and just started painting shapes. Luckely it’s very forgiving and I have perspective built in :slight_smile: and it’s all simple shapes.

Heh. Thank you! I kinda can’t see it anymore but thats normal :slight_smile:

It is really good, composition and colors are actually perfect, so good in fact that I think you need to go further and apply more detail and finish to key elements, like the dragon’s tail and the lead Dwarf, most every thing else looks good enough as is. Normally I like the unfinished look but I’m thinking in terms of a splash panel in a concept album where someone zones in and stares at the illustration for ages, for that I think you need some more detail in key areas.
The great thing about the image is the way your eye is led around it.


Looks great man!

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The lava looks very cool

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What a epic scene!

Awesome color management, and the dragon it’s terrific! :astonished:

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Thank you.

Guys it’s a Fire Demon! :slight_smile:

Sorry, that’s my fault! :blush:

however, your work it’s majestic!

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You´re breathtaking!

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Great sense of action and intensity with the colors and composition!

and a magic wielding Dwarf blows my mind :smile:

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how long did this take?

I can’t really tell. It was many hours spread over 2 weeks. and a lot of thinking went into it. Maybe like 20h of which like 15hours painting.