First animations using Krita: Walking bird and dino

I started using Krita a month ago. I downloaded it because the reviews I read for its animation features were very good. So far, it has been easy to use to create animations.

For my first animation I wanted to keep the shapes simple. My main goal was to use Krita to create an animation sequence. I used a video of a gull for reference. Birds walk differently than humans. I used Paint.Net to create the frames since have been using it for years. I will probably start using Krtia more for drawing.


For my second animation I did a pencil sketch of a two-legged dinosaur. I then imported the drawing into Inkscape where I created the different shapes/parts. I then used Inkscape’s ability to rotate shapes on a movable pivot point to create the frame sequence. I then converted the Inkscape frames into PNG files so that I could use Krita to create the animation.

I am currently working on another walking bird.


Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Krita can rotate vector shapes on a movable pivot point but you’d have to put the shapes on different layers.



I have yet to explore anything about Krita except for the animation features. It is difficult because I want to make more animations instead of taking the time to learn Krita. But, I can see the advantage of using Krita as a primary application.