First frame animation

Am trying to learning some animation and seem to stuck at step one.

What is the correct why of creating frames when animating, At the moment I can’t figure out how to stop the drawings on the first frame from appearing in any frames down stream. I’ve tried starting with ‘create blank frame’ then drawing on the first frame or drawing then using ‘create duplicate frame’ but I can’t seem to come right with this.

Yeah, I got caught in that snag too.

My solution was to press the delete key after going to a new frame.

Thanks for your help Bleke, but it seems I just didn’t read the manual carefully enough, according to the manual if you have Auto Frame Mode on it automatically copies the content of the previous frame. Which is what was happening with me.

Yes, that’s why you have to press delete to get rid of that previous frame.

When I read your first post it seemed that you had noticed the copying already.