First man drawn

First post.
My first attempt drawing a male. Always focused on females because I just couldn’t quite get the figure right.

Critique welcomed.


The body looks very good!

I think you can work more on the face, it has a surprised expression right now (intentional?) because of the wide open eyes. Bring down the eye lids a bit. Also, you could add som rim light, because you seem to have a large light source in the back. :slight_smile:

Also, some hightlights on the abs and chest muscles would be nice! Not too much unless he is covered in oil (a mistake I make too often – having read too many 90s comics :smiley: ).


Thank you very much for the critique. I’ll be sure to apply all that next time.
I struggle alot with facial features and sometimes get frustrated so I avoid lighting overall. I know lighting and shadows would really enhance it.

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One step or thing at a time. :slight_smile: This is a good figure drawing. Keep on drawing – and have fun!