First pen button is coded to only eraser, in krita it does both eraser and pan actions

Hi there. I use a Huion H610 Pro(2048) with the latest driver installed on Windows 10, and am using Krita version 5.0.6. I was just working on a drawing one night when my first pen button started acting up. I would also like to mention that I have had a history of my cat walking across the keyboard and him accidentally changing settings. Not sure if that is what happened here, but I thought it was worth mentioning. My pen’s first button was defaultly coded to an eraser action (the first button is linked to the E key, which in most programs, including Krita, is the eraser.) The pen started to grab the canvas with the pan tool as well as switching between the eraser and brush. The pan tool shortcut was defaultly set to the space bar, and still works when I press the space bar. I’ve checked settings>configure krita>keyboard shortcuts and the eraser is still set to E with no alternatives, and the pan tool is still set to space with no alternatives. I’m not sure if this problem is through Krita or my Huion tablet, so I figured I would post this message to both support websites and hopefully get an answer from one or both.

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Hello @roko_is_okay and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Are you using the Wintab or the Windows Ink option for your tablet?

The ‘E’ key forces whatever brush preset you’re using to paint with Erase blending mode and has a toggle behaviour on that.

The Pan Tool doesn’t normally have any keyboard shortcut assigned to it.
The Space key usually enables canvas panning (the hand/fist icon) by the Canvas Input Settings which are in Settings → Configure Krita → Canvas Input Settings → Pan Canvas group.
The Middle mouse button is also usually used for this and you should see both of those in the Canvas Input Settings.

When you initially get a graphics tablet, the first pen button is often mapped to ‘Pan’ or ‘Space’ or ‘Middle button’ depending which tablet you get.
I assume that you changed that in the Huion settings/config utility to make the ‘E’ key signal instead?

It sounds like your tablet has started sending both the ‘E’ key signal and one of the ‘pan’ type signals at the same time.

I’m fairly sure that it’s not possible for random cat key mashing to change any of this behaviour but restarting krita would be a good idea to try.

Can you confirm that in the Keyboard Shortcuts there is no key assigned to the Pan Tool?
Can you also conform that in the Canvas Input Settings there is Middle Button and Space+Left button assigned there for Pan Mode?

Can you also check the pen button settings in your Huion setup/config utility?

Does your Huion setup/config utility have a way of creating profiles for specific applications?
if so, it would be a good idea to create a profile for krita while krita is running and then check/set the settings for that profile.

Thank you for the reply!

I use Wintab.

I don’t remember for sure, but I believe I did change the button’s mapping to be linked with E. The first button has the option to be linked with the left button, middle button, right button, keyboard keys, none button, change brush, or switch screens. I tested each one, restarting Krita between each try, and the pan tool activated with the first button press every time. When I had tested it with the first button set to keyboard keys (E), it did both. I’m not sure how to get rid of the pan tool.

Yes, I can confirm that there is no key assigned to the pan tool and there is the middle button and space+left button for pan mode.

The Huion config does not have a way to create a profile for specific applications.

In the Huion settings utility, you need to make sure that any ‘Windows Ink’ option/check box is disabled (i.e. not marked as enabled).

Whenever you make changes to the tablet settings, there may be an ‘OK’ or ‘Confirm’ or whatever icon/button that needs to be clicked before the changes are recorded. Also, it’s a good idea to close the settings utility before seeing if any changes have taken effect in the graphics application you’re using.

Just to make sure, you can also do a full power down restart of the PC before testing if changes you’ve made have had effect.
If you have a habit of Hibernating your PC then please don’t do that if you’re having configuration problems (with any software). It just keeps problems alive.

It does seem that your tablet is sending both the ‘E’ key signal and some signal that causes the pan mode to be used, as determined by the Canvas Input Settings.
The obvious way to stop that happening would be to disable the relevant canvas input item. If it’s the Space key that is being sent, that would remove the very useful facility of using the Space key on the keyboard for panning.
If it’s the Middle button then removing that wouldn’t be too bad.

If you can’t find some way to get the tablet to stop doing this, you can remove individual canvas input settings by right-clicking anywhere on them to give a ‘Delete shortcut’ button that you can click.
Try deleting the Middle button one first in the hope that it’s that one so that the Space one can be preserved.
If that doesn’t work, you can then try deleting the Space one, with inconvenient consequences.

So, please try to get the tablet working properly first before deleting the Pan Canvas shortcuts and let us know what happens.