First post here - Portrait

Tried to emulate a charcoal/Conté sepia drawing. Is there a way to make the brush remember inverting the texture for the eraser? I’m changing it every time on the brush properties and that gets annoying very fast.


You can make an erasing version of the painting brush with that inverted texture and save it as a named brush preset.
Then you can use that erasing brush with the eraser-tip end of your stylus (if you have that facility). Or, you can use the painting brush then use the erasing brush (so they get registerd as ‘current’ and ‘previous’ brush presets and then use the ‘/’ or “backslash” (backslash character seems to be special here) key to switch between them.

Thanks, unfortunatly I don’t have a eraser tip on my stylus. Am I the only one that thinks there should be a togle to select if the eraser mode would use the same texture or the inverted one?

you can use the eraser brush and as a work around to switch to it you can use the ‘/’ key. This key switches to last used brush so I often use this to alternate between preferred eraser brush and the current brush.

if you combine this with the pattern random offset active , you are done.

Really nice sketch, i love traditional media.