Fit to page

In pop-up menu there is only quick option to zoom to 100% which in my case means “zoom in a lot” and I never use it, fit to page would be great though. Pinning that option to top toolbar would be also useful. Right now its only accessible in zoom menu (its bugged btw, it disappears after krita restart) which takes a lot of space, and it requires to be open to access option I want.

The keyboard shortcuts for fit to page height, width, etc are on the number keys 1, 2, 3 by default.

And I’m using them but on tablet with limited amount of keys its hard to fit everything I need.

While you can’t put “fit to page” to the tool bar you can put execute script # (where # is a number from 1 to 10) to the toolbar via Settings → Konfigure Toolbars. The following script will zoom in a “fit to page” like fashion.

Set the first two variables to the width and height of the visible part of Krita’s canvas area (it is currently customized to my screen and workspace).

from krita import *

# fill this with the size of the visible area where your document is
visible_area_width = 3230
visible_area_height = 1880

active_view = Krita.instance().activeWindow().activeView()

current_document = active_view.document()
doc_height = current_document.height()
doc_width = current_document.width()

horizontal_zoom_level = visible_area_width / doc_width
vertical_zoom_level = visible_area_height / doc_height

active_canvas = active_view.canvas()
if (horizontal_zoom_level < vertical_zoom_level):

Perhaps later versions will have fit to page and similar as an available action but for now I con only offer this workaround. Maybe someone else has a better idea though.