Fix image to 100%?

Fix image to 100%?

How can I set it so that the image always stays at 100%?
because when I rotate or move it on the tablet, it sometimes enlarges or shrinks.

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I don’t see that happening when using the Space+ or Shift+Space+ or the rotation widget on the status bar.
How are you rotating and/or moving the image?

Probably we are talking about changing the zoom when using the rotation and movement function of double-touch fingers on the touchscreen of the tablet, correct me if I’m wrong.

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I move the image with one finger, all by touch.
But it happens “because the touch is really sensitive” that the picture moves “a little in size or it just moves to the left or right, minimally.” And that’s annoying =), what’s the reason for that?
Don’t have the problem in PS, and it’s very bad in CSP too.

What I mean is that I want the image to be 100% consistently, but I don’t want to toggle the touch on and off to do it.
Can this be fixed?