FizzyFlower's "ESSENTIAL" 180+ Brush Set (Cloud, Paint, Hair, Fur, FX, Foilage, Trees, Leaves, Texture, Smudge, and more!)

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Hi! I’m sharing my massive 180+ collection of “essential” brushes that I spent a long time making! This brush pack contains mostly "cheat brushes” that will reduce your painting process time! I guarantee no matter what type of artist you are, you will find something useful from my brush pack!

What my brush pack contains:

  • Painting brushes

  • Cloud/Smoke Brushes,

  • Hair/Fur brushes

  • Detail/FX brushes,

  • Skin/pores brushes,

  • Cut/Wound brushes,

  • Chain Brushes, Lace brushes, Texture Brushes, etc

  • A TON of Foliage/Environmental Brushes ( Leaves, Grass, Trees, Ferns, Stones, Ground, Water)
    *Smudge Brushes

My suggestion, ignore ALL the brushes from this brush set and just use my hard round brushes and the “Essential_paint_textured_square brush”! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I have plans for more brushes soon!


Note: After installation you will see a “x” in the icons of some of the brushes. Don’t worry, these brushes still work as intended!

  • Open Krita and then go to settings -> Manage resources -> open resource folder
  • Extract
  • Open folder from the extracted archive, COPY the folders brushes, paintoppresets, patterns and then PASTE and MERGE the folders into the krita resource folder .
  • RESTART Krita to see the newly installed brushes

Alternatively, drag and drop the folders into the Krita resource folder and then merge them


This is a great video to watch for suggestions on how to use foliage brushes in a way that looks good when you’re painting backgrounds!!! Specifically around the 3 minute mark. One of the things the artist mentions in the video is how adding much detail with foliage/texture brushes can make the painting look worse. It’s better to show more finer details in the focal points of the painting and less detail/bigger shapes in the far background

Always been one of my favorite environment/creature artists!

Her fur tutorials are really good too. I think I’m going to upload some of the medibang brushes used in these tutorials that I tried to recreate in Krita soon. They’re pretty much default medibang brushes modified a little bit.

Thank you !! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I’ve just tried them and they’re all there and all working.

Quite a few have a ‘X’ on them in the brush presets docker which indicates that the brush tip is missing but for all of those, the brush tip is obviously present and working.
I’ve no idea why it’s happening so I’ll look further into this to see if I can find out why. It may be my fault…

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Woah! :open_mouth:
This looks ridiculously cool Fizzy!
Excited to test them out later! :grin:

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I just remembered, this has been seen before with a set of brushes by @AuraPodlunnitsa and the ‘fix’ was noted by @lehko :
I got rid of the X thing by selecting another tip in brush editor, reselecting the original tip and overwrite the brush preset. It seems to be a minor display bug.

Otherwise, the brushes are very nice to use, thank you for sharing them. : ) "

Any change in the brush editor followed by Overwrite Brush will clear the X from the brush preset icon. The fix by lehko is a nice and easy ‘null change’.

Don’t worry! The “x” in the brush icon is normal. It was a mistake I made that it’s the reason the x is appearing in the icons! The brushes still should work normally!

Thank you! I wanted to make foliage/environment brushes that I felt really happy with!

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