Flow's Mixer / Concept Brushes - v1.1 - WORK IN PROGRESS! (Krita 5)

:skull_and_crossbones: Use Krita 5 (alpha) nightly builds for full functionality :skull_and_crossbones:

Update May 31st:

  • added 22 brushes
  • renamed and made hopefully somewhat good/clear icons
  • rescaled the canvas texture down to 512 since Krita can handle that a lot faster, I had it on 1024 before. Rescaled the brush texture settings, you shouldn’t notice a big difference to the first pack of the brushes. If someday in the near future Kritas pattern performance increases, I’ll update the pattern back to the higher resolution version
  • no bundle for now, as it could be problematic to maintain, share and install as Krita 5 is in a prealpha state and things could potentially break all the time. Make sure to deactivate the first package I uploaded in the bundle settings of your Krita 5.

Installing is just unzipping the folders in my zip to %appdata%/krita/ (I only know about Windows at this time, sorry). Just hit the Windows key, type %appdata% and press enter. It is the same as “C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Roaming”

Most important of all: HAVE FUN, and let me know if everything goes well and works as expected.
It was a wild ride to work with the prealpha on so many brushes and organize them all :smiley: But I think it was so worth it! Hope you find endless joy. If you like them, please let me know about errors, problems, what brushes you like, which you don’t. I’m not 100% sure I got “only the essential few” or even miss out something completely.

Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/19J_ChVsSdOof-S5nQ9WQdm1J4qBdHxDi/view?usp=sharing

My main thing is Oil Painting, Concept Art, Illustration, Photobashing etc. It was the missing piece I felt in Krita, so here we go!
Krita 5 is gonna BLOW PEOPLE’S MINDS!!! <3

Some very quick demos making use of the brushes:


These look great! Looking forward to trying them out.

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Looks fantastic!! :heart_eyes:

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I really want to try them, but I need to draw a commissions -_- … Is Krita 5 at a very early stage now? Does it crash often?

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Thank you for the interest! Well, I wouldn’t use the alpha for production. It’s been somewhat stable for me I must say, but brushes, bundles and all that are a bit messy sometimes. I’ll update the package in the next couple days and add a few more brushes. Maybe just wait and work on your comission while I work on more brushes and then you can use them all? :slight_smile:


Oh, okay, you’re right! It’s just that I love Krita so much and your brushes look very cool. But I will try to wait patiently! x) Successful work to you and thank you for doing it!


It’s probably rather subjective - for me one recently krita become stable enough to make a transition. As you make resources backups, use portable version and save often, it can be used even for some medium-length sessions.
But I wouldn’t use it for commission probably - there are still some flaws here and there :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for your advice! I didn’t know it was better to use the portable version.

Don’t know if it works exactly as here in linux where all the versions are portable, but it should allow you to use this version without messing your installed one, so it’s even easier to go back to stable, or switch between those fast :slight_smile:

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Updated to version 1.1

Critique is welcome. I’m not 100% sure if I keep them all in there or if something is missing. Seemed well rounded for now.

Make sure to have fun and let me know if anything is broken. :sweat_smile: :upside_down_face:

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Hi, I think you haven’t updated the bundle, only the rest of the files? Or at least the name says 1.0

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Hi @tiar, I wrote that :slight_smile:

It was all uploaded, but I kept the old link and the wall of text from before. I shortened it all. Sorry for the confusion.

I have tested most of them and is a nice pack. some are fast some not, maybe tweaking the settings. Explore them more.

  • Grass brush with color smudge is a nice one.
  • Mixer, very good.
  • Mixer knife directional, also very good. but not with 1024 pattern please.
    Also the clone brushes would be better with angle option in right click, maybe for a future wishlist time.

  • Pattern in 1024px is a not useful in this case for me, because not more perceived detail is added. and is hard when you tweak values. Even a newcomer could think Krita is frozen for a couple of seconds.
  • More textures are needed to add variation.

Thank you for checking! I looked at my brushes again and thought there’s a mistake. But to me, all brushes with that pattern use the 512px sized one. Does anyone else have this problem? Might be a conflict with the previous bundle.

So for me it uses a 512 pixel pattern.


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Hi, i think i had old bundle loaded, :rofl: :rofl: :clap: :sweat_smile:


Btw I reported the 1024 bug here: 437950 – Huge pattern size slows down the whole brush editor (there is a “sister” bug report for huge brush tips here: 436731 – Huge brush tip images unnecessarily slow down Krita on every start of the stroke). Since the brush can actually paint quite fast with those patterns, there must be something fishy going on, and it must be possible to improve it :slight_smile:


Nice, thanks for letting us know! I was under the impression that these are no bugs, rather limitations right now. Dmitry seems to know how to improve the pattern performance but didn’t get to it yet as I understood. Maybe in the near-ish future. :slight_smile:

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I am mixing your brushtips with my patterns and i like a lot the result. Also i have done some changes in parameters. What do you think? Maybe a collaborative brushpack would be interesting.


That looks very nice! Yeah sure I love to do a collaboration, we just need to come up with an idea how to do it, I think if we just start we’ll end up with 100 brushes and I already try to get it down to the most used/needed/liked ones :smiley:
Right now I’m trying to see which of my brushes are really useful, which are probably not so useful, and while at it, I’m trying to come up with new ones that I’m missing. Should we just pick a few brushes as a basis and do a community based kit like with the charcoals?

New ideas for this kit right now:
I’m trying to make a “fan brush” work the way I painted with a fan brush in Acrylic and Gouache. So I tried RGBA with Animated brushtips, I need to play around with that more. Also made a new soft Oil Brush (also animated tip), but I don’t like the pressure curve of it yet. I’ll update the pack with them as soon as I feel like they are good. The image is just a test I made with it, didn’t really try to “paint” anything, more just making marks and trying them out.