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Is there like a edit limit for posts?
I did a update to my plugin and wanted to edit the first post to reflect it but for some reason I am not able to.

Actually I can’t change any of them :U

Is this normal?
is there any way for me to request a edit or something?

I have an edit icon on posts up to 29 days old but not 30 days or older.
(I didn’t try to edit any of them but if it’s there then I assume it works.)

Apparently, I’m a ‘Regular’ and that may have something to do with it. I don’t know for sure though.

Don’t you have the edit icon on any posts at all?

no there is no edit icon on them :frowning: they are older than 1 month. I can edit younger comments of mine though.

The badges actually unlock features? I thought they were just for show as a track record thing of behaviour. I got a couple but I dont have that one taking a look

Badges don’t unlock anything, but trust levels do. New users cannot edit it at all, I think, some can up to one day, some up to one month.

Anyway @EyeOdin please just find a nearby moderator and write exactly what you want your post to change and we will edit it (since moderators can).

Well for normal threads that makes sense. but for long lasting threads it can be a bit troubling…

Well once @raghukamath said he would help me edit the post a while back, but I did not really understand what he meant by it at the time. I usually try not to bother people and do as much as I can if it goes my way.

But I surely was not expecting to loose edit ability over the post I created suddenly. I will ask his help in a private message if he feels up to it. I will have to prepare a text and the images beforehand to send to him or any other moderator.

It’s best if you address the message to the group “moderators” instead of just @raghukamath - there is more of us than just him, for example, I’m one of them too.

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I would never find that option myself for sure =O!

I got everything prepared I think I will send the message. sails into uncharted territory

Well I sent everything I got for now.