Forum Trust Levels - explanation

There are different kinds of users on the forum - more and less active, older and newer ones. Discourse is trying to utilize it to make sure spammers have a harder time trying to achieve anything. Here is the explanation how it all works:


I genuinely hope this is not set up like it is over on the Blizzard forums, where you literally have to spend your whole life on the forums just to earn the trust level allowing you to do basic things like posting links*. Honestly I hate this whole thing, it especially screws over people who are introverted and don’t like to spend hours a day on social sites, but only post when they actually have something to say.

Speaking of, I tried to complete the advanced tutorial with the bot but I got stuck where it asks me to post a poll, because I’m not allowed to.

Don’t worry, It is not that difficult to advance. Also completing tutorial etc is not really mandatory :slight_smile: If you have any problem in using this forum, you can ping me :slight_smile:

Alright, I just have a bad experience with this engine from the Blizzard/ forums because there the requirements to advance are crazy and user restrictions are so limited you can barely use the forum. :smiley:

Also, over there the trust level deteriorates over time if you don’t keep browsing and posting on a daily basis. I hope this is disabled here. :slight_smile:

btw. where do i find the tutorials? i took a quick look but i couldn’t find those anywhere.

I don’t think that is the case here. If you find your trust level downgraded please let me know. The only thing that I know is about deletion of unused accounts, The accounts which are not used for over 2 years are removed automatically.

You must have got a welcome message or a message from @Kikibot or @system , kikibot’s message will have the tutorial

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @Kikibot display help.

As @raghukamathsaid, it’s in the message from Kikibot. Once you are done with the basic tutorial, say to the bot start advanced tutorial to do just that.

P.s.: I got next trust level and now it allowed me to do a poll so I finished the advanced too. :slight_smile:

@raghukamath @StormEngineer
There is a downgrade from level 3 to 2. The difference is that level 1 and 2 are for regular users, 2 is basically all you need. Level 3 is for privileges: like renaming topics, or that if you flag a post from a low-level user, it’s getting automatically hidden, because the system trusts your experience now. Level 4 is even more privileged and it’s only earned by manual upgrade from moderators: level 4 users are basically half-moderators.

Level 0 is a quarantine - but you get out of it pretty quickly if you don’t come here just to spam. Reading posts etc. is enough to get to level 1. Level 1 is basic for new users, all standard stuff is enabled (the only thing I believe we could think about is the time users can change their own posts: level 0 and level 1 have only 24h, and level 2 has only 30 days. I do like having this option). Level 2 is level 1 + some advanced functionalities like inviting people to threads or having a group PM or ignoring users. Level 3 is level 2 + some simple moderation tools like renaming topics and some pretty advanced stuff, level 4 is semi-moderator.

For me those trust levels are a great idea: for me it looks like they can decrease the amount of spam a lot, because new users cannot do a lot of posts at once. But if you’re a new user, genuinely desiring to be active in the community, to get the right to be active you just need to be active :wink: The more you post and like, the bigger your limit gets. (The article above only talks about limit of likes, I’m not sure if there is a limit for posts or topics on higher levels…)

Also note: for every number in that list, for sure there is a setting we can change. We just need to get an information “hey, sorry, but this and this limit is really annoying/prevents me from contributing/decrease my quality of life” etc. Just tell us (administrators, using the admin mailing service, I believe there is something like that here), and we’ll check it out, have a discussion and decide on something. :slight_smile:


Well explained, thanks! :+1:t4:

Thank you for the explanation! Sounds good.

While I understand why it may be needed to get rid of accounts after a certain period of inactivity, two years is a small time frame in my opinion to delete an account. Someone could easily decide to take a break from krita and return later to find their account gone. Though, as long as they receive an Email notifying them mutiple times before the termination occurs, I suppose that would be fine.

That said, if the account is deleted, are their posts deleted as well? I don’t think that would be good at all. A lot of good information could be lost. Unless we’re talking about accounts that never made it past the first trust level.

Don’t worry it won’t delete any account which has some activity or even if the user has just read some post. It will delete the accounts which are completely unused since their creation. This is the excerpt from the official release note -

Delete accounts that have never participated, are trust level 0 and have not been seen in 2 years
Discourse now includes a new site setting called clean up inactive users after days this is set 730 days by default.
Once a day Discourse will find all user accounts that

  • Never posted anything on Discourse.
    • If you posted something and then deleted it you will not be eligible for clean up.
  • Have not been seen for clean up inactive users after days
  • Are trust level zero

This change is in place so Discourse default protects end users and removes emails of completely unused accounts

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So, to provide further feedback, I’ve just ran into a limit: I was told I reached the maximum number of topics a new user can create on their first day - which is apparently 3, as that’s how much I created - and I need to wait 7 more hours(!) before creating another.

Given I’ve already reached rank 1 proving I’m not a spambot, 3 feels a bit too restrictive. What do you think?

P.s.: I was trying to make some threads about subjects that I think are worthy of discussing, as the forums are relatively new and there are not many threads. Also was about to post some more feedback, eg a list of tag suggestions, but now I can’t do that either.

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I have raised your level manually now :slight_smile: , but I will keep the default behavior , may be i’ll see if it can be relaxed a bit.

We are ready to help any genuine users who are limited by the current system. So if anyone finds it hard or annoying just ping us and we will help.

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Thank you. :smiley: And I hope I’m not sounding too much like complaining, I just try to share any feedback that comes to mind and hope that it helps. :slight_smile:

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No no problem at all. please let us know if you have any problems

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That makes sense. I realized you may have been talking about the trust level 0 accounts, that’s why I mentioned it at the end of my post cause I realized that’s a possibility after my writing. But thanks for clarifying!