Found a fast open source image management software
I have more than 40,000 pictures. I used digikam before, and it took about 1 minute to start. I found it today and it only takes 5 seconds to start!
I still discuss with them on github to add support for .kra


Thank you for this information.
The portable .zip runs on my Windows 10 system with no problem.

For the appimage on Linux (Debian 10) I had to run it from the terminal as
./Allusion-1.0.0-rc5.4.appimage --no-sandbox

It has a strange problem with permissions for its /.tmp folder
I might get around to emailing them about that.


Nice application, sadly it is built on electron which I try to avoid like plague. I will still try this though. Thanks for sharing.

Allusion, very suspicious!
Why does the portable Windows version of this viewer, sorter, categorizer, need the (Microsoft) program Elevate.exe which can run any process with admin rights? It is unpacked in a temporary folder when the software is started and when it is closed, everything is deleted again - cleaned up. :frowning:
So for the last 40 years or so I have not needed admin rights to view, sort or tag images!
I also find it unattractive that the software tries to go online immediately on startup to check for updates (at least it says it tries to get updates) without asking.


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