Found a strange art video

This guy is like the total opposite of Bob Ross


Thx for sharing, it is interesting.

It is seems strange only because he express outward through the voice certain inner states, you may scream silently within and a got the same result. Actually most important thing in any artwork is not a mastery of skills (values, composition, anatomy etc) but feelings and states you put into it in the process of creation, and a viewer unconsciousnesly always reads them – some of them you like some not. And it is a reason why e.g. works of Barnett Newman sells for crazy money – a buyers have the similar states that resonates and magnets to the picture , – one of the principle of quantum physics.

Unfortunately, artist-teachers really rare talking about importance of mental-mood-inner_state. I think only Steve Huston loves to talk about it, you can see his lecture “Art as Philosophy” at Artstation Learning (it is free for the end of the year). Other than Steve I remember only Marco Bucci mentions that topic time to time, and the one russian musician with artist (painter) education.


Very interesting. I wouldn’t mind trying that one day but it would have to be the silent variety as @I9S suggests in his comment.

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I think this is what it means when your psychologist recomends you to take up a new hobby to ease the tension in your daily life.

Gosh he seemed such a serious instructor at first and then “screaming paint strokes”…


Found another screaming video. I find this one is also quite therapeutic in a strange way. I’d love to try screaming while painting btw, but my neighbors would probably call the police.

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