Freehand path tool not working with stylus

I have recently downloaded version 4.4.8 . I have been trying to work on vectors and I cannot get some of the tools to work with my stylus. I’m specifically working with the freehand path tool. It works with my mouse. However, if I use the mouse, and it works, and then I try the stylus (it doesn’t work) and then try to go back to the mouse it won’t work anymore. Has anyone resolved this issue.

Hi @markijo - I just tried it on my system and had no problems (linux using mouse and Intuos pen tablet).

Is your stylus working well with other tools and you’re only having problems with it when you’re on a vector layer?

Also, which operating system are you on? Maybe someone with the same OS will be able to comment.

This topic seems relevant:

The user, @Mattyj, found that changing the Workspace caused the Freehand Path tool to start working again.

So, please try changing the Workspace, you can then change it back to the original one you had if you like.
From the main menu bar you can use Window → Workspace and select one or you can use the ‘Choose workspace’ icon at the far right of the Toolbar.

Please try that and let us know if that works for you.
If it does work then I’ve no idea why it should work.

Yes my stylus works with other tools. The bezier and freehand path only work with the mouse. I have an HP envy, uses windows.