Freeze on Kamvas pro 22 2019

Type of device (graphics tablet/display tablet/2-in-1 laptop/Android tablet): Kamvas pro 22 2019
Brand and version of the device:
System (Windows/Linux/Mac/Android, + version): win 10 2004

Description of the issue (you can include screenshots):
hi i am new here. i just purchase kamvas pro 22 2019 and i found that open krita (4.3.0) in this tablet causes freezing. but everything turns ok if i open krita in my main monitor.

when i change the setting from opengl to software renderer, it back to normal again. but i guess software renderer has some limitations (i am not quite sure about this). is this a bug or driver issue?

(sorry for my bad english)

Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Have you tried changing the rendering to Angle, which I think is recommended for Windows. (Restart after changing.)
Software rendering will be slower for certain operations (I don’t know which ones).

Can you do Help -> Show system information for bug reports and paste the output in a reply here.
That may help someone to figure out what may be going wrong.