Friends list idea

Krita Artists hasn’t gotten a Friends List yet, so I made the choice to make one.

The friends list is where you can keep users you already know on your profile, and have ongoing PMs instead of having to create a new PM topic every time.
It appears at the top right of your profile, next to your biography. There, you will see who’s online, away, or who doesn’t want to be disturbed at the moment.
You can even click on the little blue mail icon to switch to PM mode, which most of you know what it looks like. You even gain notices about a recent message from a certain user in your friends list.
By the right of their name, there is a tiny red little ‘X’ that if you click it, you can remove that user from your friends list. It gives you the choice whether to do it or not, since it’s not automatic.
And at the bottom of the list, is a button named “Full Friends List”. It takes you to a page where you can view all your friends at once instead of having to look at six specific users in your profile page. You’ll even receive requests in that page if there’s a green dot on the button.

I hope this idea seems interesting. I will be taking critiques if anything here seems off.

WRITER’S NOTE: The friend removal picture with the user @Cura is not offensive in any case. It is just used as an example, so please don’t feel like if this makes fun of them, because it shouldn’t.

Users used as an example: @URAVERAGEBOI, @loentar, @RoseRedTiger, @Bleke, @CrazyCatBird, and @Cura. (If you want your example to be removed from this picture or from any part of this topic, please PM me.)

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you can see here list of official plugins for discourse : Plugin directory | Discourse - Civilized Discussion

you’re idea might be on a better place on discourse forum to see it being implemented, and then maybe, being available on krita artists :thinking:


I guess this could be useful. I wouldn’t mind it if the lists were private. I think some people would feel left out if they saw that everyone else were on friends lists and themselves weren’t.


I agree with the lists being private. There could be problems if they were public.

Good point, @CrazyCatBird, @Bleke. There would be no need for arguments concerning friends lists around here.
Although I think this suggestion is interesting, although I do not see much of a need for this, but I do like knowing that you used me in your example, @SimonBrother :wink:


Thank you for your honesty :raised_hands:

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If I wanted Facebook :wink: I would be there, this is a user forum, even though friendships can develop here, it is not the purpose of KA.



KA could evolve into an alternative to ArtStation or DeviantArt. If it goes in that direction it would be useful to be able to track your favourite artists and see when they upload something.

I’m not sure.

Because KA only accept art made with Krita, you can be sure that artists using other software won’t post anything here so KA might never be an alternative to dedicated artists platform like ArtStation or DeviantArt.

Also KA is more like a forum for Krita’s users with some gallery possibilities than a dedicated platform for artists.

After on my side I don’t really mind how and why users here use the forum.
I’m not against the idea of friend list even if I’m pretty sure to not use it.

The thing is, the KA forum is a Discourse forum.
So on my side I prefer to see Krita’s developper spent time on Krita (fix bug, add and improve software functionalities) than trying to build a Discourse plugin :slight_smile:

And the idea might have a better impact on Discourse forum because all forum using Discourse can be concerned; by asking for this improvement on Discourse forum, you can have 2 possiiblities:

  • Developers are interested by the idea, build it, and then it will be available for all forum (so available on KA)
  • A Discourse plugin developer is interested by the idea, build a plugin, and then it could be available on KA



You can have ongoing PMs at the moment, with anyone or any group of people.

Your mockup image shows someone requesting to be added to your Friends list, which I assume is a mutual entry in their Friends list.
I hope that there will be the ability to auto-block/reject all Friend requests because I’ve found that to be very useful in other ‘online places’ that have this type of Friends list thing.


@Bleke: So KA should become something like Deviant Art or ArtStation?
So, to put it bluntly, you want to make KA a thoroughly commercialized platform that only really benefits the artists who can afford its premium packages?

Well, I don’t really like that. I don’t need tracking either, I check in every day anyway to be up to date, even if I can hardly contribute at the moment due to my health, at least I still follow almost everything posted here. Honestly, I like KA on the whole because of the way it is.

@AhabGreybeard: Automatic blocking? Yes! :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:



I didn’t say it should, I said it could.

And why would it automatically have to be a commercialised nightmare just because you add some more advanced gallery features?

And @Grum999, it would still only be for Krita of course.

Though if such site were to exist, it would be cool if all FLOSS art software was allowed.

I really don’t understand the concept why only KA should get this functionality and why this functionality have to be implemented by KA’s admin rather than Discourse developers/community , but Ok, no worries: in fact I really don’t mind about this functionality, I was just making a remark about were it would be better to ask for it to see it implemented :slight_smile:


I agree with that sentiment, but I think the incitament to build something like that is higher on art sites whereas the Discourse developers have many wishes tugging at them in various directions, so why not have the initial discussion here and see if it is something we even want before doing feature requests at Discourse?

I like KA like the way it is as well, for me, DA was too weird for me. I like a community where I can see nice artwork, not some weird art. (If you have looked at DA before, you probably know what I mean by “weird art”)
On top of that, the users on KA are much nicer, and people actually obey the rules. The community on DA is full of people that steal, trace, and copy art. (That to mention people pretending to be other people, and people being incredibly toxic.)

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@URAVERAGEBOI I agree with you.

DA isn’t the only place that’s full of nasty people. Twitter’s gone through it too, and goodness gracious is it WORSE than DA’s toxic userbase

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The weird stuff is why I left DA. But the underlying functionality of the site is good.

I think there’s a case to be made for a similar site, but more curated so that people won’t feel ashamed to be associated with it. If it’s for free software all the better.

Does KA have to be that site?


Could it be?

Yes, with a few modifications such as maybe showing new uploads to Finished Artwork on the front page and allowing users to create collections of images they have liked.

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Umm… What’s a ‘friend’?! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I think I’ll have to throw my lot in with the guild of old grumpy Krita users; I see no need for this functionality on here. I like and appreciate a lot of members - but I don’t really know them personally, so a friends list seems a bit odd to me.

I’ve thought it might be good to have expanded ‘like’ functionality - such as being able to favourite an artwork, or maybe an artist, to reward or keep track of the stuff you really like.

(Hmm… a guild of old grumpy Krita users… :thinking:)


God I hate twitter, It’s full of those “where are her organs” people.
But don’t forget the weird “woke” or “quirky” people.

…and the cancellers

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