Fuzzy images

When I’m working with images in Krita (whether more intensive paintings or very simple pixel art) they’re juuuust slightly fuzzy even at 100%, where I’d expect them to be sharp. It seems to be clearly an issue of display, not the images themselves, because when I export them as PNG I can open them in, say, the Preview program on Mac and they’re very sharp.

It’s mostly just a bit of an aggravation, doesn’t make things unworkable, but it’s weird to me and it’d be really nice not to be able to see just how the final image will look without exporting it. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

(If it makes a difference, the painting I’m currently working on is at 300 ppi, but the pixel art obviously isn’t and is still having the blurring issue, so that doesn’t seem to be the thing making the difference.)

This does sound like something to do with the display and really needs someone who is familiar with or aware of Mac specific problems.

In the meantime, can you try toggling the ‘Enable Hi-DPI Support’ option on the Settings -> Configure Krita -> General -> Window tab ?
That may or may not help.

The ppi figure isn’t relevant to anything except printing intentions and it’s the size of the image in pixels that matters.

Can you provide a screenshot showing the blurring when using krita and also a comparison screenshot for a display of an exported .png image?

@AhabGreybeard Huh, I’m not seeing an option like that under settings? I searched for it, but I’m not seeing it elsewhere. I think my version (4.2.9) may have things set up differently:

Here are a few screenshots to show the difference. Pixel art in Krita versus the same image exported (yes, the pixel art does show up too small at 100%):


And a bigger image in Krita versus exported:

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It’s not that, it’s a Mac thing, I remember in a vague way. You’ll need a Mac person to tell you about that.

If you zoom in slightly on the dragon in krita, do you see better texture details on the wings?
I don’t know the significance of 100% zoom for that but I notice the difference in image size between the two of them.
Any information may be of use to someone who knows about Macs and maybe this problem.

On Mac it’s under Krita -> Preferences, like all other Preferences in Mac programs, afaik.

On the bottom bar of Krita, there is a little icon “Use same aspect as pixels” next to the zoom slider. Press it. Does it look better now?

In Preferences, please go to Display -> Canvas Graphics Acceleration and check what you have in “Scaling Mode” - it should probably be “High Quality Filtering”, if it isn’t, please select this and restart Krita and see if it helps.

If I zoom in far enough I can see detail more clearly, yes, though still not quite the same as the exported image.

Toggling the “Use same aspect as pixels” button makes the larger images smaller at 100%, but still blurry. It makes the pixel art images too large at 100% rather than too small and still blurry.

When I go into the settings, I don’t have an option to select “High Quality Filtering.” When I first opened that section up, “Canvas Graphics Acceleration” was unchecked, leaving all the options there grayed out. When I check it, I have this under scaling mode options:

The top section for “Prefered Renderer” is still grayed out regardless of which of the three options I choose:

You’re on Mac, so there is only OpenGL. Only Windows has two options there. If you set it up like that and restart Krita, is it still so blurry?

It looks like that has fixed it after a restart! The pixel art still shows too small at 100%, but seems to be showing clear and at the correct size at 200%, so that’s no problem.

Thank you!