Gaomon M106k Pro

I have the newest version of Krita and I’m using the Gaomon M106k Pro… at the start i thought it work properly after i tried to make shortcuts (binds on tablet) after testing it out that i always had to hold with pen on my tablet to use binds for first i thought that its normal but after some time the keys kept to switch on their own or just have different command i looked on Krita website it wasn’t showing that tablet is supported is there really nothing i can do to fix the input??? (also using windows 10)

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First of all, if I were you, I would take a second look in the Krita manual as you did before. You might also find a solution at the Gaomon support.
If you have worked through these points without success, you could try to reinstall the driver of your tablet.
But I don’t want to give you big hopes, it is and remains an attempt.
For this you have to disconnect your graphics tablet from the PC, so the cable must be unplugged, then uninstall the driver via its uninstaller, if the driver does not have an uninstaller in its start menu directory you can look for it next via > Control Panel > Uninstall a Program and uninstall it from there, if it is not there either please look for your driver via the way > Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Device Manager, in the Device Manager.
I don’t know if Gaomon installs it under Graphics Tablets or under Input Devices (Human Interface Device) (that’s a matter of the manufacturer, everyone does it how they want), there you have to uninstall the driver via > Right Click > Uninstall Driver. No matter how you uninstalled the driver, now you have to restart the PC! After restarting, install the driver again as Gaomon instructed, restart the PC - and hope you have better luck this time. I keep my fingers crossed and wish you success.

Maybe there is a user here with more experience with this kind of problem, I have only been working with Krita for a short time, but I am a very experienced PC user.


Translated with (free version) Sorry me was lazy today. :wink:

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Thx for the explanation I can try… Well actually I assumed that I’m going to have to reset it comeplately… I also will work but now that you mentioned it, I might should see what the driver actually does maybe I didn’t set everything correctly anyways thx for helping out after I try it I’ll just hope it will work (I also don’t have much experience with Krita) in worst case I might have to change the app I’m using to draw although Krita is my fav

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Those tablets are not actually ‘supported tablets’. They are tablets that have been used and tested by the developers or based on user reports.

Krita does not ‘support’ any particular tablets. It works with tablets that properly follow the standards for the Wintab or Windows-Ink standard of interface.

Problems are always caused by the tablet settings or the tablet driver or incorrect settings in Settings → Configure Krita → Tablet settings.

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Oh wait there are tablet settings on Krita I didn’t know that, thx for mentioning it…I have to look it up thx for.the advice

Thanks for all the help… i found the problem the driver wasnt connected to the app… and it wasnt the newest version (i didnt get a notification about the new version) but now it all works properly thanks again

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