Gesture studies - critique definitely more than welcome

Here are my latest gesture studies in 3min per gesture sessions (from I really like figure drawing and want to improve in it, I’m still quite a beginner and I have to say gestures have been quite a tough subject for me for a while now, I’ve tried several different approaches, the first image shows my current approach which I prefer the most (I started with large shading brush for general gesture and then add some more details if there’s time and I want to with smaller brush, currently I’ve got a new pen display which supports tilt which I love - tilt was used in the first image only as that’s my latest gesture session.

Side story:
I do gestures pretty much on a daily bases now and when I don’t know what to do or when I’m warming up, I really enjoy it (though it freaking pains me how bad I still am with it :rofl:). I can see improvements fro my first time gestures I did a year ago so happy with that but I’d appreciate some advice if there are others who do gestures, especially if you have some of your own which I could check, I really appreciate going through other people’s gestures, studying and appreciating them.

I can definitely tell sometimes I get off with proportions I’ll be honest in the 3 mins sessions I pay attentions to proportions but not to a details and sometimes I just miss it focusing on some parts of the gesture.

When drawing a figure from gesture I correct the proportions before advancing forward, so I’m aware of it and working on it.

Also the first image the guy in the middle, that one is horrible, like really horrible but that is also something I made so it’s there :slight_smile:.

The biggest problems I have is neutral poses in full front and full side view, when there is nothing happening I have big troubles finding out a gesture in it and I’m still looking for a better way how to approach it.

Thank you very much and sorry for long text, I’m still working on finding a more decisive way to give some basis for the critiques about my process and the result you can see.

EDIT: My final goal is to utilize gestures for comic (manga) style drawings.


Your poses are really fluid, very natural, they have correct feeling of weight. Actually they are too good for manga. My critique is why these are deemed as mature content? Did admin force this on you?


No, but they are all nude so to be sure I marked it as NSFW just to be sure :wink:

Thank you for your kind words. Can you perhaps explain what you mean by “too good for manga”? It might night hours but I don’t understand where it leads?


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Perhaps the term means something else now. Yeah, don’t get hung up on my opinions, I was more commenting on your quick sketches which show a good understanding of expressive form, line, solidness and all the rest. I look forward to seeing finished works in what ever style you go with.


No we didn’t :slight_smile: do you feel we force anything?


These are pretty dang good. The next evolution is to do gesture figures in perspective, oh that will be horrible… I’ve tried it. I had to just do the basic “turn a shape in space” studies, in any angle and perspective.

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I do these too. :0