Girl in the ruin

Light is one of my favorite chalages in last period.


Good, precise work.

thank you Darek I apchiate it

Very nice! Good work on textures - and light, as you said. :slight_smile: I like urban decay mood you’re channeling here.

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The overall pick is awesome! Did you visit such place to have such authentic feel to it ?
The girl is very tall though!

yes This is actual place Ex factory in croatia And girl was tall too :smile:

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I wish I could visit such place !

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Very nice work!

If I critique something, I think the leggings choice here might detract a bit, since it’s so close to matching the background in terms of value, especially with that shadow in that particular place :smiley: Maybe if the leggings were all the way up or none at all, I think the silhouette could become a bit more readable.

And excellent work on the scenery! I’m curious to see your workflow in terms of brushes, can you explain?

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Directly to my favs, very good job

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Looks very awesome!

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I will explain these days

Thank you Ramon