Girl Portrait

This was the piece where I moved away from Photoshop, and dove into Krita!
The sketch was made in Photoshop but I wanted to try Krita. So the art piece from then on was continued and finished in Krita! I was surprised by how great Krita was, and I will probably never go back to Photoshop! :grin:


Really nice colors. :smiley: and welcome to Krita and the community arround this amazing software

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Thank you very much! :smiley: I love the program and the community, and I am excited to see it grow! :smile:

Krita gang 4 life!


Krita gang indeed! :smile: I have recommended this program to many artists I know!

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Thank you so much! Happy you like it :grin:

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Aside from that the drawing is great, the colors are amazing!

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Very happy that you like the colours! :grin: Thank you!

Just stopped by to visit your portrait and its gorgeous. I feel inspired by your work. THank you for sharing .

Thank you so much! I appreciate it! :blush: It’s super nice to hear that! :grin: