Glitches with Gif exporting

I have got created a simple image with background opacity 0%
And when I export that I have some problems, can I solve it by someway?

Sometimes this looks like this


A GIF image is an image with indexed palette.
Transparency is coded by a designed color index in palette: pixel is transparent or not, there’s no alpha channel like PNG image

So, when in your original picture you have a pixel with a transparency that is not 0 or 100%, export result can be dirty: the glitches you can see may are the result of some pixels in your original picture for which there’s an alpha value different than 0 or 100%.
=> Can you check this?

And you might have better results if you don’t ask for a transparent background.
If you really need transparent background on animated image, I recommend you the APNG format (Animated PNG).


How I can see - all my pixels are fine. How I can use APNG inside Krita?

I created an empty image with these points, and in export I still have a problem.

That’s strange…

But in fact I have the same problem when exporting a GIF image:
It seems that a dithering is automatically applied, even on a 2 colors image :fearful:
I think the problem is in GIF exported plugin.

Original picture:

I’m not sure you can… :confused:
I think you might have to export each frame as PNG file and compile them in a APNG file with an external tool (like ffmpeg, I think it’s possible to get a list of PNG image and create animated PNG from it)


Okay, thank you for answer. For me it is not critical, it is desire rather than need.