Golden lure - critique wanted

Hi All,
A bit of a change for me. Normally don’t paint people and have a tendency to obsess on details. I saw @kynlo 's challenge image from here and thought I should try something different. Mainly used the oil brushes from the Digital atelier bundle and tried to paint quickly. Any feedback would be gratefully received. (I know the hair and skin suck…)


wow - that’s awesome @Tycho!! The imagery is great, and it turns creepy when you realize what’s hiding in the background :dizzy_face: The butterfly pattern is done beautifully!

I feel like she’s drawn very well and could use a little bit more shadow and light on the face and hand to exaggerate the form (if that’s in your style). You could even darken the dress a little more to give more prominence to the light from the butterfly.

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Hi, I looove the storytelling in this as well as overall look. And the way you handled fabric :two_hearts:
Also going with green-red color scheme is always great :ok_hand: But I think it would benefit even more from :dizzy:color theory :dizzy:
So, since all your lightning is green, the red dress and roses will appear as dark brown-ish, so I desaturated it. Then I added a second light source from below to keep the red and colored only the surfaces that are very close to it or face it.
And a little bit of color dodge never hurt anyone.
sorry it’s so rough :sweat_smile:


Hi @kynlo and @notsohappy Many thanks for your comments and for taking the time to redraw. I really appreciate it! I love the suggestions. Your changes are what I really had in my head but I am never quite brave enough with colour and light. I will have another go with this one and perhaps something similar next time to try and improve.

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best luck then :two_hearts: