good god the blur

I have been trying to paint in krita an the blur is simply untenable.
how can I stop it?

I was told to use multiple brushes on one piece, well I have done that, still blurry.
I was told to NOT use the airbrush, tried that still blurry
I can not blend using the blur tool obviously because everything is so blurry,

it seems that no matter what I do or create the blur is simply not doable.

are all these programs like this or is it just this one. how do you people paint with your eyes crossed?

an how the hell am I suppose to get help here? ???
christ. the file I am trying to load IS A JPEG
ad I get a message telling me it only accepts jpg, png etc so I go an save the file as a PNG an GET THE SAME GD MESSAGE

I am only trying to paint a picture an it has to turn into this whole big DEAL good grief.

Which brushes did you use? (Maybe someone can tell if there’s a setting causing this?)
As for the jpg, if it’s a large file size, that might explain why it wouldn’t upload.

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What size is your canvas in pixels? (It’s shown on the bottom bar of Krita). Can you make a line using the Pixel Art Fill brush (this is the big one with blue and orange pixels on the icon), does it look blurry too?

Also please check your Configure Krita → Display settings, are you sure you have “High Quality Filtering” selected? If yes, try switching to the other Renderer and then restart Krita and try again (on the same picture you were painting before and it looked blurry - it might stp looking blurry after that).


Maybe try upping the save quality? Other than that I have no idea.

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Is this the first time you’ve used krita?
Which version are you using, where did you get it from and which operating systems are you using?

Have you made any changes to the settings in krita?

Can you post a full screen screenshot (.png) of the krita window when this is happening?
(The forum has a filesize upload limit of 3MB but a .png screenshot will be much less than that size.)

A problem very much like this has been seen before and was caused by grpahics settings.
I order to solve the problem, questions will be asked of you and clear precise answers will need to be given in a calm manner.


Since your post does lack a lot of information we can only guess. When you create a new document it should have a decent minimum resolution like 2000*2000 pixels at least and don’t zoom in too much or else there is simply not enough pixels to give a decent effect unless you use the pixel art brush which usually razor sharp since it only paints whole pixels without any transparency.

After seeing 2-3 posts I think people don’t understand how to compress or resize. They start with 6000x7000 px image and upload that to the forum. But I am not tempted to increase that limit because we do have to take care of storage requirement. I have based the image size and resolution to the default A4 300 ppi image preset in Krita.


Your probably using it wrong.

Show what your doing so you can be corrected.

Just complaining will just give you dogmatic answers back you did not even explain how you did it just that your annoyed by file formats. For what I can tell you might have a blurring image to begin with. You might have applied a filter by accident when adding a layer or you might stuck on a heavy zoom for some reason because of resolution.

Do supply more information.


thank you very much for taking the time to respond.

yes that probably is the problem the size is too large, I went thru several iterations of file types an kept getting the same message. very misleading.

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thanks for the response, I did try to include images, multiple times, multiple file types,
the message said nothing of file size that I rec’d only that it only accepts certain types of files, all of which I tried to upload. the message is very misleading an the cause of my frustration which in turn

makes you feel as though I am your avg ahole.
well I am not.
give me the correct error message an I can respond accordingly.
sorry for the dogmatic reply.

now as for the blurring in as I said it doesn’t matter what brush, or whether I use just one, or multiple on a project. I find that if I dont use fully opaque colors the problem seems minimal

thanks for the reply an taking the time to respond, I will figure it out or move on to another program
have a great day

Or you maybe could provide some screenshots of the issue and we figure something out. I paint in Krita for many years and never had an issue with blur.

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… okay if you ask for help and then say you don’t need it that is up to you.

But I should say that painting programs don’t change that much at all, if it is not UI mishap you will probably have the same problem there.

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These are the file types that the forum software accepts

This is the error you get when you upload anything other than that. This error message is quite clear in my opinion. It also lists authorized extensions. The extensions include some of the most common image file types used on the internet.

So either you used an extension which is not in that list, or you uploaded a very big file which will then give you an error saying that the file is big.

If I try to upload a 3.9MB .jpg image, I get this error message:

Hey! if the file is too big just zoom in a little to where the problem is and send us a screenshot! prt scr button, or Win + shift + s and then just paste it there (Win = the windows button,assuming your’e on windows ,usually next to fn or ctrl) !. Generally speaking though, blur can be due to resizing layers without using transfrom mask, using some kind of low res resolution, or painting with smudge brushes ( u know those who mix colors) which due to their properties will blend the layer’s content.

Hey it might be something simple to fix, and generally if you have this problem with krita you will have it with every other painting software which is not a vector painting application (vectors = those thingies which essentially you can zoom into them indefinetely without losing quality, usually used for logos/inking/text/illustration with simple shapes etc ) . Krita can do vectors as well btw, but its a totally different workflow and mindset.

here this explains vector vs raster graphics:

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I bet zooming too much is the actual problem. We once had a similar question where everything was blurry and it was just because it was zoomed in by 1000% or so and a misunderstanding on how digital art works.

Anyway, as long OP doesn’t give more details on the issue, all we can do is guess :man_shrugging:.