Good quality fine art pictures and drawing scans?

I was wondering if any artists here know of some place where to download good quality drawings and paintings of fine artists. I am specially interested in art from rennaisance to early 20 century.

I use and screen capture it sometimes (Which is great cause of the great resolution that there is, its like google maps on a painting) or get a picture or drawing I like in normally low res, google image search and something normally comes up but it is sometimes hard to get a good image.

But I was wondering if someone has maybe made a collection and uploaded the stash anywhere.


Here are a few more from various museums, though I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of the content on the Google arts and culture site is from these and others, since most have committed to a CC-0 open access model for their photos from their public domain collections."Open+Content+Images"&rows=10&srt=a&dir=s&pg=1

The quality may be a bit all over the board on these, as it isn’t like they just started to photograph their collections, there is likely decades of progress that have gone into these efforts. So more recently captured images will be a lot better than stuff from a few decades ago. And some may put more effort into enhancing the results while others may prefer to stick to something more raw, to avoid losing data.