Good software for managing art files?

Wondering if anybody knows of or has recommendations for software that manages art files, e.g.

  • can collect multiple source file versions (e.g. multiple .KRA versions)
  • associate source files with exported versions (sometimes I export low-res JPGs for Twitter, sometimes high-res files for other uses)
  • tagging or categorization of some sort

Most of this kind of software seems to be for photography, but those seem to assume that your source files are RAW files and you want to edit them inside. I just want to manage all my random art files like (PSD, SVG, KRA, etc.) and maybe have easy exporting.

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Personally I define my folder structure and script in bash / python over that to automate things.
But it’s an approach where you have bugs and refine things as you go.

I just started using Darktable and it seems pretty good so far. Don’t know how it handles .kra files but maybe you want to give it a try: