got two lines 'following' my cursor centered on an object I cannot select

So, there’s this grey object in my image (labeled #2 in the picture), and two thin lines centered on the axis that it follows (each labeled #1).

The thin lines move away and toward the object, following my cursor and never change orientation, they are always parallel to the object.

The object isn’t on a layer, as hiding every layer still displays it. The object is persistent across restarts of Krita and the PC (Windows 10 on a Surface Pro 7). The object is also persistent across PCs (PC#2: Ryzen 9, 40GB RAM, Windows 10 Desktop)

What is this “feature” so I can turn it off? Nothing I’ve selected or deselected has worked and it’s distracting asf, literally preventing me from working on my piece.


It’s hard to be sure at 100%, but it looks like a painting assistant a bit squeezed ( Painting with Assistants — Krita Manual 4.4.0 documentation ) .

To remove it, switch to the painting assistant tool (in toolbar) and then when you’ll put your cursor near the object; you’ll have option to remove the assistant (icon appearing).

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That was EXACTLY it.



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