Graphics card problem?

Hello all =)
have since longer a problem with the display, which is very annoying, does anyone here know what this could be? When I open certain windows as seen here, it is first displayed very briefly blurred and then sharp, or also consumed, you can see it well on the video.

Love greetings

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I think the effect you describe got hidden by the MP4 compression.

Windows probably uses some sort of compositing window manager nowadays. (The contents of a window gets projected onto a 3D plane)

If I had to guess I’d say that you have a bit of zoom on your windows. I’m not a Windows user myself, but I’d take a look in the accessibility settings and see if the UI is set to scale 1:1.

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Even with an equal setting of both monitors, the problem is present.

What is being obscured? I see the video perfectly.

I also see the video, but I don’t notice any difference when you open and close windows.

This problem doesn’t seem specific to Krita. Maybe you’ll get better advice if you try the user forums of your graphics card or

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ah ok thanks.
I thought that this section of forum here at Krita is a general forum

thanks for the hint

It is. But since no-one has been able to resolve your problem it might be good to try other places too. :slight_smile:

Good luck!

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true… thanks

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