Green witch

personal practice project I finished recently


Cute witch like the colors! :heart:


Welcome to the forums! Very cute unless you are the one she is poking that doll for.

Thanks boss :slight_smile:

Thanks, she’s cute and deadly

I wonder if @Deevad has seen this character yet. She looks like Pepper’s evil döppelganger.

Why did you call me boss ? @Giagiastoons?

@Audrey_Dixon I believe it is an honorific title, señor.

очень милая задумка и картина :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

very adorable, its very nice, the use of colors is nice, the shadings just perfect, i can see how you had drawn the texture of the horns. keep it up!

Okay @Rigognos but don’t call me senor because it’s rude

thank man :slight_smile: That’s a great compliment, Deevad’s work is amazing! and his tutorials

Спасибо :smiley:

Thanks, I spent a lot of time trying to make the horns work!

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your welcome

@Giagiastoons I guess this is your first artwork on this forum. I hope we can see more artwork from you in the future.

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Morbidly cute! I guess somewhere out there somebody’s getting a piercingly horrible headache :grinning:

hahaha nice