Greetings All

Greetings to All ,
I just registered and I’m learning to use the program which was suggested to me by my niece, who’s a comic book artist in Italy.

I got stuck trying to use the text window, with a repeated loop-like
I started by choosing the page format, the font (not default) and size
begun typing and the text window reverts back to the default size and font. This happened several times, until I got frustrated and gave up.
I checked the videos on the topic, however I didn’t find any help
my platform is Win 10 64 bit.
the thing that puzzles me is that no text appears on the page
until the “save” button is clicked, so filling a comic style cloud is
very time consuming.
Is there a good technique to get the text rolled out quickly?
Thank You

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I think this is a known bug, someone else also mentioned this on reddit. I’llt ry to find the post. I think we can report this as bug to developers if it is not already reported

With the version 4.3.0 appimage on Linux and with the portable .zip on Windows 10, I don’t have text formatting reversion while typing, even if I delete all the text and type fresh text.
If I open an existing text item for editing, it still has the formatting I gave it when it was created/edited the last time.

A new text item does have fornatting at the ‘default’ settings (however they are determined).
EDIT:Add: These are determined by the Tool Options (of course!).

Krita doesn’t do live/in-place text editing.
If there’s a need to make many text objects and the layout, format and appearance are something that needs a lot of adjusting, I prefer to use GIMP (because I’m used to it) and some people use Inkscape, with .png files for exchange of artwork/text images.