Grow pixels plugin - adds pixels around transparent layer or group

Hi, I have created new plugin called Grow pixels. It adds pixels around transparent layer or group.

Grow pixels will always create, duplicate, flattened layer, of original (group or paint layer) - and perform operations on it. It will not modify original layer or group (for safety reasons).


Download location:

Install it with: Tools->Scripts->Import Python Plugin

New docker window will be installed.


It can be used for adding pixels on UV borders of textures, to avoid resampling artifacts. Or to create more pixels in RGB part of the image… to avoid artifacts with alpha and different image formats (effect is similar to creating straight-alpha).

Original PNG has white pixels in RGB part of the image, that could make problems when resampling image/mipmaping etc.

Grow pix version of image is built by starting the plugin on original, and growing 16-20 px around. After that, original image alpha (ctrl+left mouse click on original layer) is set to growPix version, as transparency mask - and exported as PNG.


This looks great, and you’re a mind reader, lol … I’d just been looking at how to outline, as in Sai. Is it possible to choose any size of outline? And may I ask if it is possible to have a non-Google download link? Thanks.

It’s a simple plugin, probably there are more complex/better ones for outlining. For same color outline you can create selection of original layer and fill it with some color… do grow pix (you can adjust number of pixels), and place it behind original layer :slight_smile:

Here is the link on weTransfer (it will be deleted it in about a week, thats why google is a safer option):

(Krita has layer styles, for same color you can also use stroke)

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Thanks for such a quick response. Sorry, my bad as should have said a linux/libre link … privacy problems with wetransfer too, but really appreciate that you responded. No problem. Thank you for advice about outlining. I’m not great with all the more technical stuff about krita, and it’s not often I need to outline something (except recently, lol), but will wait and see if growpix may be incorporated into krita at some point; definitely a great plugin, and thanks for your work on it and great presentation!

@fae : You can download it without any kind of registration and will stay anonymous.


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Thanks @Michelist :slight_smile: Will give it some thought.

I wanted something like this for a long while. Thank you I will test it as soon as I can.

I made a brush to try and expand but it does not prove to be very usefull.

looks cool. the cycle is interesting to watch unfold.
my question would be if there could be a placement of the resulting layer behind the original.

Good idea, I added the check box before start button… when checked it will perform move layer operation after the GrowPix job is done. Please download the v1.1 from google drive.

P.S. If you alredy dowloaded v1.1 - download it again :), I changed way it orders layers …

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it is working :smiley: thank you

New version v1.2, compatible with Krita 5.0, added to google drive for download:

The old version did not work as intended in Krita 5.0. There is a change in Krita behavior when using setActiveNode() and calling actions (you can change active node, but action is called on node that was originaly active/selected when plugin was started). So I have to change the code to emulate the same behavior from the previous Krita version. Use v1.1 in older Krita 4.4.8.

On the bright side, GrowPix is much faster in Krita 5.0 :slight_smile:

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Thank you, I like this plugin very much! :+1:


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