@Grum999: how's your cat?

@Grum999 I loved the picture you posted of your cat (from the discussion about the eraser tool plugin). I didn’t want to sidetrack the discussion about the eraser plugin, so that’s why I’m posting this here.

I hope you gave your loving kitty extra pets! :smiley_cat::cat2:

Have you ever drawn your kitty? I looked in your portfolio but only saw your sausages paintings (rather cute, btw).

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Thanks :blush:
Not difficult to shoot, he’s often in front of my monitor, and I can tell you it’s hard to use computer in this case :joy_cat:

If I don’t give him loving kitty extra pets, he doesn’t let me go until he has had them, when he’s not the one who comes to give them to me :heart_eyes_cat:
My only respite is when I’m at the office, or he’s sleeping

No, I’m not really good to paint real things, don’t have the time to really practice.
So, I’m drawing simple things, like sausages :sweat_smile:

I think I’m now known here for my sausages drawing :sweat_smile:

Have you a cat too?
Who here have a cat (or cats)?
What’s their names?

I already know from his blog that @Deevad has 3



Right now, I have 2. I’ve painted one of them and posted that here. Her name is Purrcilla or Purczy for short. She’s cute but a bit crabby. Neither she nor her “house sister” like to cuddle. But she does love my daughter (the middle child) the best. I do miss having a lap cat, but each kitty is an individual.

The other kitty is a black kitty, named Abigail, and she likes to chase water flowing down the tub drain. :rofl: :grin:

I might paint her using Krita. I’ve already painted her in another art app earlier (using Infinite Painter) but I don’t think I can post that here.

P.S. if you’re interested, here’s a few links on drawing cats:


Oh yes, too cute :heart_eyes_cat:

Yes I understand, but having a lap cat could also be too much sometimes :sweat_smile:

My Maou doesn’t chase flowing water, but he like to sit in the bathtub.
And don’t try to go to the toilet alone: you an be sure Maou will meow behind the door until he can enter and look at you to check what you’re doing :scream_cat:

I’ll try when I’ll found time…

When I draw cats, they look like sausages :joy_cat:

My drawings might be influenced by myself :face_with_hand_over_mouth:



Some cats do look that way. There are plenty of chubby cats to draw.
Have you heard of Pusheen? That kitty looks sausage like. My brown kitty looks like Pusheen and sometimes we call her that. :grin:

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