H1161 - Brush Freezing

Type of device (graphics tablet/display tablet/2-in-1 laptop/Android tablet): Graphics Tablet
Brand and version of the device: Huion H1161
System (Windows/Linux/Mac/Android, + version): Windows 10

Description of the issue (you can include screenshots):

I have been facing these issues for a while, in which Krita randomly chooses not to recognize the right click with the pen (sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, this is only in Krita), as well as freezing the brush inside the canvas, but ONLY the canvas, other times it just freezes the entirety of Krita. I can’t provide screenshots because, well, they’re not visible through a screenshot, but I’ve been really annoyed at this for the past month or so since I got my new Huion.

The brush freeze issue I have since even before buying my H1161, with my Wacom Intuos Draw, but it only started happening recently, again, only Krita does this, Medibang works like a charm, but I like Krita too much to leave it behind.

I already asked in the subreddit and got no results, this is driving me mad, I want to use Krita to do my stuff, but these annoying bugs won’t let me! I tried changing the tablet support from WinTab to Windows Ink and vice versa, disabling Windows Ink, changing the renderer, reinstalling Krita, reinstalling the Huion drivers, and installing an older version of the drivers, nothing seemed to work. If anyone’s curious, no, I haven’t completely deleted my Krita config files, such as the different workspaces and stuff, could that be it? I highly doubt something so unrelated could cause such bugs, but still, anything counts as this point.

Edit: I have checked, and sometimes saving the drawing unfreezes the brush, but only sometimes, don’t know why.

Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I’d like to make some points, that you may already know, but it may be useful to make them anyway.

When you’re switching between Wintab <-> Windows Ink in krita and disabling/enabling Windows Ink in the tablet driver and/or Windows settings, you have to make sure that the tablet and/or Windows settings match up with the krita settings. e.g Wintab support selected needs Windows Ink to be disabled in the tablet driver and Windows.

If you’re reinstalling tablet drivers or trying a new/different one, you need to uninstall the old one first and restart your computer. Then install the ‘new’ tablet driver and restart your computer again. Do all this with the tablet disconnected and only connect it after you’ve done the driver reinstallation process.

Did you remove the old Wacom drivers? They are difficult to remove, in my experience. If not, they may clash with the Huion drivers.

Reinstalling krita won’t change anything. The entire look and feel and behaviour is determined by the config files and the stuff in the resources folder.

Your different workspaces etc (such as custom brush presets, textures, imported bundles, …) will have no effect on tablet behaviour. They are stored in the resources folder.

The config files are different and could have an effect on tablet behaviour. I suspect this is a tablet/driver thing but you can try resetting the config files just to see what happens. If it doesn’t work then the previous configuration can be restored:

Go to the C/:Users/{your username}/AppData/Local folder.
Rename the file called ‘kritarc’ to ‘kritarc-previous’. Rename ‘kritadisplayrc’ to ‘kritadisplayrc-previous’.
Restart krita and you’ll have brand new configurations created for you. You’ll also have the orginal default look and feel of course.

If that doesn’t fix anything just close krita, delete the freshly created ‘kritarc’ and ‘kritadisplayrc’ files and rename the ‘-previous’ ones back to their original names. Then you’ll be back to your usual configuration.

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I don’t use your tablet /device but…
A quick and easy fix is to downgrade to an older version of krita that works.

Some features less? Won’t kill you…
Furthermore it seems you are pretty flexible with painting software.
Use the software that works best on your device.

I’d advise to post bugs directly on :

But I see this forum got its own section (support) for it. Anyway, I guess it doesn’t matter where you post.

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I tried all of this and it did make me realize the issue only happens after some time drawing, plus sometimes it just activates the Ctrl key and keeps it stuck for whatever reason, might be Windows Ink. But thanks for the help anyway, I’ll report here if I find anything since I saw this issue doesn’t have much info around the internet.

Can you try disconnecting the tablet USB cable and plugging it into a different USB port?
Can you beg, steal or borrow a different tablet to try it out?

I tried that, nothing really changed. But quick update, apparently the brush doesn’t “freeze”, it merely bugs out of Krita, minimizing the software and opening it up again solves that, which is weird, and makes me believe it’s the color picker (the one that appears when you press right click or something).

None of these issues, apart from the Control key randomly getting activated randomly, seem to happen outside of Krita. I don’t know what could be causing this, but at least I understand what it might be related to now.

To clarify, I tested it many times and the brush isn’t frozen, but when the color picker opens, your cursor disappears for half a second, sometimes, it just disappears and doesn’t open anything, going to another window and then back to krita solves that temporarily, although no definitive answers yet.

I will make future updates as I find more stuff by testing and messing with my tablet and Krita.

When you right-click, you get the popup palette, which does have a colour selector and history patch inside it, among other things.
The ‘colour picker’ (eye dropper icon) is what you get when you press and hold the Control key.
If the Control key is getting randomly activated, do you know this because you keep seeing the eye dropper icon as the cursor?

Good luck with sorting this out.

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I’ve been experiencing disappearing brush tips and freezed shortcuts for some longer time, it helps to click on the dockers, like switching to another brush tip,

Modifier keys like shift or cmd/ctrl in combination with other shortcuts like increase or decrease saturation on the tablet are likely to freeze my tablet shortcuts to work properly

Sometimes i just ignore the disappearing brush tips and continue to paint, eventually the brush tip comes back after invoking the color picker

Once i am unable to trigger the color picker the only way to get back to working tablet shortcuts is to click on the dockers as said before

I think this issues are connected to how krita registers keyboard shortcuts, how it manages them, how the canvas is refreshed and how krita interacts with tablet drivers.

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I know this because, sometimes, when I move out to Krita (usually just go to another window), and try to scroll with my mouse, it messes with the zoom in browser pages, for example, and when I hover the pen over the tablet, it shows the little “Ctrl” tag. The color picker doesn’t appear, actually, at least, not anymore, but it used to in Medibang, makes me think it’s a driver issue, not specifically Krita.

Exactly my issue, I found out that doing a simple Alt+Tab out of Krita and coming back again fixes the issue for some time, but a definitive solution to this would be really appreciated, as soon as I get to know more about it, I can officially file it as a bug and hope for the best.

Hi. I know this conversation is rather old but were you able to fix the problem? I’ve recently bought my first Huilon tablet and got the same problems (

No, unfortunately, I made an official ticket and they seem to be looking into the issue, though. I’ll update my Krita since I got this issue again recently. It definitely isn’t the tablet, since it works absolutely fine outside of Krita.


Too bad this issue wasn’t resolve to this day. I think it would be helpful to narrow down this problem to a Krita issue or a driver issue. Let me ask somethings out of curiosity

  • The brush freeze happens randomly or after you use another key (crtl, alt or right click)?
  • The problem with the ‘stuck’ ctrl still persist or now is only the brush freezing?
  • Do you use the express keys from your tablet? If yes, do the problem occours shortly after?
  • Do you draw in others apps without a problem?

Thank you for the reply. I managed to fix my problem by deleting drivers from my old Wacom tablet and re-installing drivers for the Huilon tablet (downloaded from their website).
Now everything works just fine.

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