Halo surrounding soft-tipped brush

New to Krita, and I like it! But, I have a weird problem with brush strokes using soft-tip brushes.

If I’m using, say, an airbrush, and I’m painting a darker color over a light one, the stroke has a soft, narrow, lighter color halo around it. Presumably, this has something to do with blending the edges. I have tried Krita on another computer and it works beautifully – no halo, and it act just like a real airbrush. So, it’s ether my hardware (I7 quad, 3.6GHz, 10G ram, Nvidia 550GT), or there’s some setting that’s whacked. Attached is an example produced with the airbrush. Any ideas?

Can you please share a screenshot of your whole Krita window with this file open?

Thanks for the response.
I recently discovered that this “effect” does not occur with Krita 3.3.3. Also, it does not seem to do this in the brush-settings scratchpad area.

Oh, you seem to suffer from “no bottom bar of Krita” issue, most probably because your toolbox had only one column. You might want to fix that :wink: The bottom bar contains some useful information.

So… since some of the information I hoped for isn’t visible, can you please tell me what do you see if you go to Image -> Properties -> image Color space?