Hands Study - Phase: Sketch

So here’s some sketches of hands found on pinterest (photo references).
Any advice is welcome, if anything’s off or just plain wrong just say straight ahead :D.

After this sketch, the next process is to paint the hands, any advice for that one is also welcome.


@ArtTrooper So after your recommendation i’m studying hands like this one. Is it like this?

Great looking sketches! If there’s one small critique I can see, is that in some of the sketches the connection between the thumb and the rest of the hand don’t seem to line up, namely on the third from the top. In that sketch the thumb seems disjointed from the rest of the palm, I think a smoother connection between the two would help!

Still, great exercise!

Looking good! I recommend picking up Bridgman’s “Constructive Anatomy” if you can, or see if you can find a PDF ( not sure about the copyright situation on that, it’s pretty old).

It has a pretty good simplification of how to construct the hand that really helped me a lot, and very quickly.

Sketches look good, definetly an improvement from what i’v seen on your last project. Keep it up :+1:
I second what @hulmanen and @slightlyangrydodo said and can add that there is a some good youtube videos on anatomy, i can recommend Proko anatomy course.
On the subject i would try sketching out hand #3 and #7 (last one) because thumbs are a bit off there. After that i would do a colour study