Hanging gardens

30m Spitpaint for a given topic


Awesome textured feel! I would love if you could upload a timelapse, really curious to see your workflow. Have you ever considered it?


nicely done nice rendering

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Thank you. I can try to record some. It depends on the style i sometimes have different workflows. I used to stream on twitch.tv a couple days 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately the saved videos are deleted after 14days.


Thank you for the feedback sinisa!

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Maybe upload something to Youtube? It’s pretty simple, I’ve done it once or twice :slight_smile:

Just upload to youtube? It’s that simple? :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually I have a youtube channel. And guess what there’s a couple drawing/painting videos froma lmost 10 years ago :slight_smile:


I laove the fresh feeling of the image, Composition as well.
Just a suggestion - the middle big green that fals, it is to centered and take the focus from the character and the tree. Maybe you can move up more,. Jut my oppinion.
God job

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Thank you Alex for your feedback. Yeah I thought exactly the same when I looked at it yesterday.

This is a daily spitpaint for the FB group. Only 30min are allowed and in a rush I didn’t have the time to really look at it with fresh eyes. It was added kinda quickly. :slight_smile:

Beautiful use of color and texture!

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Thank you!

Love the colours and brushwork! :blush:

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