Harvest Town Inn: Ella Cole fan art, Elly Cole fan art

These 2 fan artworks belong to my 8-part Harvest Town “Inn” series.
I have also made ones of Andy Reed, Duke Evans, Chris Ford, Bill Hanks, Lee Yau, and Sherry.

Elly Cole, town chef

Ella Cole, Elly’s younger sister who could work as a bouncer if people were open-minded

By crediting* the fan artist (me), you earn the permission to use either artwork in the following ways:
:heavy_check_mark:You may share it on social media except in videos such as YouTube where ads can be placed.
:heavy_check_mark:You may use it as phone wallpaper.
:heavy_check_mark:You may use it as social media icons and covers/headers.
:heavy_check_mark:You may print it to decorate your room.
:heavy_check_mark:You may use it in a school project.
:heavy_check_mark:You may use it for non-commercial purposes.

I do not give permission for these artworks to be used in the following ways:
:x:Do not change the colors, add filters, draw over the artwork, or otherwise significantly change it.
:x:Do not sell it.
:x:Do not print it onto a mug, shirt, or other merchandise to sell.
:x:Do not print it onto a mug, shirt, or other merchandise to use as freebie or giveaway.
:x:Do not use it to promote a business.
:x:Do not use it in N F T.
:x:Do not use in media such as in Youtube videos because the platform will place ads and they will profit off it.
:x:Do not use C T T O when crediting.
:x:Do not use as fodder for an art curation/reuploading account, only to bury the credits underneath all the tags to your other accounts.

*To use the artwork, properly credit the artist:
:heavy_check_mark:On Twitter, tag @ theirartistheir
:heavy_check_mark:On Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, WordPress, and Pinterest, tag @ gabtheirartistheirart
:heavy_check_mark:Elsewhere on the internet: Link to https://gabtheirartistheirart.wordpress.com/
:heavy_check_mark:In print or offline, use your best judgement.