Has the Krita Foundation Thought About Merch?

Apologies if this is not the correct category.
It also didn’t seem to fit well with “feature suggestions” haha.

But basically as an incentive to donate have you guys thought about selling merch?
I’d happily sport your logo on stickers and artist gloves.
(many people like myself personalize their devices with stickers, and there really isn’t enough personalization regarding digital artist gloves out there.)
And Kiki your mascot has some pretty splash art that I think would make for great prints, laptop/tablet skins, and shirts/hoodies. <3

Keyboard and mouse pads are another item commonly printed on and relevant to digital artists.

Also, I notice you guys host contests here. Maybe you could get the community involved via contest for new yearly merch designs and advertise on twitter to buildup hype a little?

Is this something you guys have thought about? Is it feasible? Am I asking the wrong people? Haha.

(Btw major appreciation for everything you guys have already done, Krita is amazing and I am very thankful and amazed it is so powerful.)

I’d totally buy a sleeveless t shirt because I. Like to keep fit. Maybe have Kiki on the treadmill art on it.

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There’s a shop:

But there’s no goodies like mug, beer glasses, t-shirt, stickers, pen, mousepad, …

I think @halla already gave an explanation about goodies but I’m not sure, too much things to memorize here :sweat_smile:


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Ah!! Not sure how I missed it on the website. :sweat_smile:
Thank you!

Hmmm I appreciate the learning materials and presets.
But yes, there is not any merch we can sort of personalize our workspace with and advertise as our favorite program of choice with a glance.
I think they would be reasonably popular especially if advertised on social media.

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I made (had made for me) my own personalised coffee mug with the logo on it:
It's coffee time for this mug ...

Maybe a standard mug with the logo and a picture of Kiki on it could be mass produced cheaply per unit?


i wonder if it would be possible for the krita foundation to set up a shop on some platform like redbubble or spreadshirt and let them handle all the printing stuff while just taking out a small sum on top of every sale


Yes shipping things become costly from Netherlands where the foundation is based.

Oooh. Would it be possible to partner with a print on demand service or company that handles the printing/shipping in multiple countries? Like Halcyoen suggested, Redbubble is one option.

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Partnering with Redbubble (or similar) would give easy and low administration effort for world wide selling of all kinds of merchandise, compared to dealing with local printers for different locations.
The financial/legal aspects would need careful consideration though.
As I understand it, the foundation that owns the rights to krita is a registered charity so there may some initial admin complications there.

Then there’s the decor design and product range management effort, the initial setup and ongoing development etc. Which brave people could do that?