Hatching brushes for manga/comics

Hatching brushes for manga/comic, feel free to use and possibly enjoy. owo


[Its not the first time you probably see them. I remade them, because some of the tips were taken from CSP and Im not sure if its ok to use it. I tried to read what was written about it in terms of use, but Ill be honest, I got even more confused, so just decided to remake them using the previous ones as an example, plus also made a couple of my own.
(!) If you downloaded the previous version, I will be very grateful if you keep it to yourself and don`t share it with others, ok?]


Thanks for redoing the brush tips! :smiley: You’re setting a nice example with this: as an artist by respecting the license, and as open source and open sharing supporter by redoing the work to be able to share instead of giving up and just keeping the old ones for yourself. Thank you for that!

Also, to not repeat their mistakes, you can probably specify license for the brush tips here. CC-0 will allow everyone will do everything, then you can add other constraints: BY - if someone shares those or changed ones, they need to mention you, NC - they cannot sell it, ND - they cannot change it. I think CC-BY or CC-BY-NC would be just fine here :slight_smile:

Btw as a user, do you have maybe some examples of those (or previous, or SAI’s) in action? On a picture? I don’t really do much black&white drawings so I’m not sure how would one use them. I know it’s for shading but I would love to see some example :slight_smile:


Smth like that basically. Can be used for backgrounds, or to add variety to screentones. Or if you dont want to draw backgrounds you can use them too, or you can create vague shapes with them, e.g. trees in a background. Honestly it can be applied very differently, depends on an artist, there are a lot who dont use that at all that much. owo


Thank you ! I plan to do a comic book all in Krita, it can be useful :wink: