Having a visual change when in eraser mode (community poll)

What do you think about having a visual change on the outline cursor when you are in eraser mode :

  • i’m interrested to have this feature
  • i don’t want that feature
  • i’m interrested only if i can enable/disable the feature

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If you’re interrested in the feature what you think is the best way to display the cursor outline (you can choose multiple element) :

exemples on the screenshot below

  • #1 alternated color when in eraser mode (this color can be change in settings, like in “General > Cursor > cursor color”)
  • #2 Amoeba-like (crossed line on the cursor)
  • #3 Dashed lines
  • #4 Crossed-out
  • #5 Eight-spikes-crossed
  • #6 dashed alternated with color

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It is quite difficult to find one modified type of contour that will be “easy to perceive”. This is due to the presence of different complexity of brush shapes , brush sizes, (as well as various combinations of dynamic changes in shape and size and rotation) not to mention the color and complexity of the canvas itself. Even this animation https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MtSF0582uEz-xw0PaI7xjqe_So43fhPq/view?usp=sharing may not be suitable for working with very small brushes.

But I would be happy to see the cursor change as an indicator when the “eraser” mode is enabled


And +1 for the eraser indication on the cursor, although truth be told that cursor is not an outline; maybe it could be possible to get No Cursor + Outline + cursor eraser indication? (It will show outline lagging after cursor more but…)


I’ve been thinking that another option could be something that calls attention on the interface, like turning red the “set eraser mode” button, even when it’s not right where we look, it’s in the field of view and noticeable.
Anyway, I think a change in the cursor design would be a better indicator.

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I personally don’t make use of brush outlines, so none of the choices would work for me. I use the small triangle right-handed. I think it would be nice to have the option to just have a small eraser icon next to it? If it’s not too bothersome



I do like the idea of an eraser icon even for brush outlines.

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Since the merge request had inputs from @Deevad I am pinging him here.

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I still think a cursor change to a letter or sign would be a good option to consider too:
-it would be super easy to implement with Qt.
-it would maintain brush outline clarity.
-New users could see that it was a E and easily understand the relation between “Eraser” and “key input E” giving clarity for new users (similar to the “-” minus when your subtracting selections.)
-you could flip or rotate the letter around to mean different types of eraser modes(it would just be a change of character and not actually performing a transform to it).
-would maintain consistency in interpretation of what the cursor was showing with other tools behavior.
-would not imply weird displays of the cursor by changing it too much.

i think adding a letter is too much, and make the display heavy. Plus what happen with small cursor…
The poll seems to proove that poeple are interrested in this feature and an alternate color seems to be the best and simplier choice. Hope this function would be added soon.


I made my point on the MR https://invent.kde.org/kde/krita/-/merge_requests/147 @raghukamath :wink: , and even tested and adapted the feature to my need… My result: just a change of the color tones (with a XOR blending mode, so it always show a difference with the background) was the best to my taste. I demo it here:

@Andreich_DMBL and @tiar : I’m against cursors, or anything that alter the silhouette of the outline suddently. I press often ‘E’ key while line-art. Changing suddently the silhouette would mess with my precision. Also, I already use a cursor + outline (mini circle) to emphasis the center of the stroke, I’m not sure how both could play together simultaneously.

@EyeOdin : The letter proposal would need obviously translation because ‘E’ doesn’t mean anything for many language (eg. ‘G’ for Gomme in French). I guess you would have complex rendering for non latin letter too. Also, +1 with @mco for small brush, it doesn’t have room to write a letter; and what happens if the user has a brush-tip with the shape of a letter?

Anyway, I spent already a lot of time testing, building/compiling and writing on this topic in the MR and I feel a bit bitter about starting again a discussion here. Do anything you want as long as it can be optionnal. :smiley: :+1:


I agree with @Deevad, this poll was made after a discussion here and was an echo of the discussion that David link in his post. I’ll just be very happy if this function came to life :slight_smile: and according to the poll i’m not the only one :wink:

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I totally agree, I love the simplicity of having the colour change! I want this feature so much! :grin:
I often find myself looking up at the eraser icon, or just forgetting what brushes I have turned on eraser mode for, since I have the “Temporarily Save Tweaks To Presets” turned on. This will make it much nicer!

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I really don’t agree with those counter arguments but okay.
I just dont understand why you guys favor something that is even harder to implement and looks a bit on ugly side. My vote was acctualy on the least ugly one :\

I will change my vote to optional then please…

@EyeOdin Well for one, it won’t work for small brush sizes. For the second it adds clutter to centre where you want to decently see what you are doing . I could imagine an E symbol or something to lower/upper right/left that would make more sense as it doesn’t compromise the view and doesn’t depend on the brush size.

@pablo Interface red button would work only for people who don’t work in canvas only mode, there are also huge display sizes (especially wacom) where interface at the top gets really out of view. So I think the change to shape/cursor is probably the most reasonable here :slight_smile:

I personally think XOR which @Deevad has a gif of combined with something @ramskulls @Rebecca and @Andreich_DMBL suggest looks like the best option for me. Especially if you can turn it on/off in settings.
And if possibly you could turn on/off them separately - two options one for outline and one for cursor, there are already two options in settings for cursor and outline so it wouldn’t be out of line too much - this could satisfy: only cursor people, only outline people, cursor + outline people who would have option for cusor or outline or cursor + outline erase mode indications, it would work for other tools too - line, …, why I suggest both options being able to turn on/off separately is not only for this but also with smaller brush sizes the outline can easily get lost for some people especially if you have some problems with vision while adding an icon would be a particularly good option for these cases (but people who don’t want it could turn it off) while also working in canvas mode.

(a note from previous discussion in case someone doesn’t know, unlike outline the cursor are images)

So my vote would be for XOR + cursor icon indicator with both being optional in settings and definitely would love to see something happen, can we possibly add this to the poll please?

Now, whether this is feasible for the devs or not I’ll leave up to them I think that’s something only devs can tell us so I’ll be going with a generous option and maybe see what you guys and the devs think about it? :smiley:


right handed small triangle, color change option