Hello Everybody

Nice to meet you all; I’ve been following Krita’s development for about five and a half years now. While it hasn’t always been my first choice for my personal use throughout that entire time, it’s always been the first software I’d recommended to anyone-and I’ve regularly contributed to the Kickstarter campaigns. It’s a phenomenal piece of software and it’s getting better all the time! I’m not a particularly good artist yet, but I’ve had a lot of fun experimenting with Krita throughout my studies. I want to thank the developers for all their hard work on the software-and David Revoy for his work making such great brushes for it!



nice hand studies for someone that is “not a particularly good artist yet”, I’ve seen plenty of otherwise good artists drawing quite crooked hands…

and although my contributions to Krita development are still rather small and I use it for less than 2 years myself, it’s always nice to hear when people appreciate and support the work.


Hi there!

I’ve pretty much used Krita for the same amount of time as you, about 5 years now. Most of those years weren’t particularly focused on how creative I could be with Krita, instead as a hobby (especially with secondary education commitments). But these past few months, weeks even, I’ve started to really delve into how much potential Krita has as an open source program, and the possibilities are exciting! I’m trying to use Krita for most of my University Design courses, and while I’m still learning Photoshop and Adobe Products, I far prefer open source alternatives like Krita, Blender, and Inkscape over them.

I think it would be awesome to make open source features like David Cabrera did with his ‘Del Tiempo’ showcasing the power of free software! Maybe one day… And nice studies!