Hello i will like to learn how to use this site pls

Hi their i need some help on how to start this site up and ready to go :smile.

@HUNTER2 I noticed that you’ve created 2 previous posts asking this question. Have you installed Krita on your device and now you want to know how to post your Krita art here?

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yes :+1: i will like to post art here.thank you very much

Have you created any artwork using krita?
If so, you make a new topic in the Finished Artwork category and upload the image (.png or .jpg) using the upload icon which is in the line of icons above the text entry box area.

where do i find that?

Where do you find what?

the upload thing? oop never mind

It looks like you just posted artwork in this Site Feedback topic.

sorry i’m just new to this

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You can make a New Topic and post it there as a Finished Artwork category.

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ok thank you very much :+1:

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