Hello! is there any way to restore my files after my hard drive has crashed?

My hard drive crashed earlier and i’m not really sure if my files are safe. I dont have a backup pc/laptop that i can use to backup my files. Will there be any way to restore them?

Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

That’s a very broad statement and doesn’t explain what your situation is.

Which operating system are you using?

Do you now have problems with any activity involving your hard drive,
such as booting up, running any applications, reading and writing any data files?

Is this related to krita activity and if so in what way?

If you have doubts about the reliability of your hard drive then you should make external copies of important data files as soon as possible.

If you can use File Explorer then you can plug in a USB memory drive and copy them over to it.
You seem to have the internet so you could upload them to a file storage service.

Please explain more about your situation.

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Oh no, that’s no fun!

It depends on the current state of you HD. Can you start it at all? Or is it dead?

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I also advise to check a forum that is closer to computer forensics because depending on the state of your drive there’s not much a normal user can help you with. Although we have a lot of tech savvy users on this forum it’s still about Krita and art and less about general computer hardware and it’s failings.

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my current OS is microsoft and yes I can’t run any applications in the meantime. my screen only shows a warning that my hard drive might be damaged. i’m pretty sure that krita has nothing to do with the crash.

i think it is dead because my pc keeps directing me to a warning screen

thank you so much! i’ll keep that in mind!! i really dont know who to ask since im new to the forum

In this situation, you need to boot from a DVD containing some specialised software which you probably don’t have.
People on a different forum (I’ve no idea where) may be able to advise you about this.

Another thing you could do is take the hard drive out and give it to someone else (who really knows what they are doing) to mount it as an additional drive in their computer and try to read data files from it.

It’s not a good situation to be in and I wish you luck.

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thank you so soo much for the answers!!

I still wonder what made you ask questions about computer hardware failure on a forum for art enthusiasts. I mean, it looks like you created the account just for that.

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Well sound like there is contact of some sort, otherwise it would not even start? Then it might be posdible to salvage files. Hard to say.

But youll need more advice than that. I recommend you to do some googling or youtubing to find help.

@Troken That could be a BIOS error message but we don’t know.

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