Hello. Some fantasy environment artwork

My name is Philipp. I’m using Krita since about 8 months and it’s been quite an adventure and a joy. Here’s some recent commission artwork. Hope you enjoy.

EDIT: Sorry uploaded the wrong, but was also a commisson artwork for the same


Welcome to the forum Philip! :heart:


Hello and thank you!

Thank you. It’s actually for a d&d rpg book :slight_smile:

Hi Raghukamath :smiley: It’s me Mahabub, How can I send DM’s here?

Hey @imahbub welcome to the forum. to send a DM click on the profile picture , a card will open up, there will be a button to message the person :slight_smile:

Love it!. this is really good. good thing combining drama with beauty things. Contrast very well. And colors are also really good. Reminds me a bit the old school of Landscape painters


This is the image i had in mind (i can still learn a lot of things from this artist)

Your customers can be really happy with this level of concepting.:smiley:


Interesting analysis :slight_smile: Thank you very much! Appreciated.

Oh! Bierstadt is also one of my favorite old school landscape artists. :slight_smile:

Oh this is epic!

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This is so beautiful. The big tree on the left, and the clouds on the right, remind me of those epic Renaissance paintings. ^.^

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Thank you!

Thank you. I love the old landscape masters that’s a big influence you’re right. Although I had no references or intentions to do so :slight_smile:

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