[HELP] Accessing Painting Assistant Functions via Python

So. I was trying to create a simple quick assistant manager plugin. I wasn’t really a programmer, and I’m completely new to Python or even Qt. It was a simple plugin so i thought it wouldn’t be so hard.

I was wrong.

What I want to achieve is a simple shortcut to activate/deactivate assistant depending on which key pressed. Example, press ‘1’: assistant number ‘1’ activated, press ‘2’: assistant number ‘2’ activated.

But, from what I understand,
Krita is written in C++,
Python Plugins can only calls certain functions that Krita has provided,
assistant tools doesn’t have ‘python plugin integration’.

Is there any way to create this plugin in python, or should I learn to create a C++ extension instead?

Ehm yes, while the underlying C++ class of Canvas and Document would have access to painting assistants, it doesn’t seem easily possible to make them accessible via Python.
They are not really self-contained, just part of a decoration system that is managed separately, seems it’s not even possible to toggle their active state without extra steps, only the assistant tool can do that currently.