help! how to find mypaint brush in krita nightly build?

krita’s twitter account just post a news about mypaint brush engine will be merged in krita’s nightly builds couple days ago.
and it saids ppl can test mypaint brush with krita’s nightly bulids. which i am so happy to hear it and can’t wait to test it!

situation: i already download the krita’s nightly build(#1152), but i can’t find any mypaint brush in it.
so how to find or enable mypaint brush in krita’s nightly build?

also looks like not just me having this problem:

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I broke the mypaint build again… So I’ve been working for the last two days to get it into the nightly builds. Looks like it might work for the next appimage and macos build, still fighting windows.

oh, got it, and thank you for your effort.
also looking forward to the windows build!

Thanks a lot!!


hi, is this means the windows build is ok now?
or just i misunderstand it?
but i still can’t find mypaint brush in nightly build(#1156)

Well, we’re still running into problems.

oh, sad
can you leave a comment here when the windows build is ok?
and thanks a lot!


in windows nightly bulid( #1161), the mypaint engine is showing on brush editor now.

but i still can’t find any of mypaint brush in preset docker , is this mean you guys still working on it and will try to add some mypaint brush later?

or means ppl have to add it themself?
if yes, then how to import mypaint brush to krita nightly build?
i try to import it with mange resources, but it didn’t work tho.